Where is DCS used

Where is the DementiaSafe used?

The DementiaSafe (DS) is used primarily in Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Independent Living Units and Domestic settings where there is an on-site carer.

For care homes and nursing homes, the DS has been designed to work with the existing, installed Nursecall system.  This enables care home operators to add the DS as a portable solution using our link cable to integrate in to the call point at the bed head.  The DS enhances privacy, dignity and independence of residents within care facilities.

The DS range also accommodates independent living units and works with many of the leading Telecare systems by using the manufacturer’s universal transmitters to associated DS with the Telecare device.

There is also a domestic version of the DS which allows users who are being cared for at home to benefit.  The at-home carer is notified by an audible tone if the user has not returned to bed within the selected time frame.

There is no advanced technical knowledge required to operate the DS as all carers can simply arm and disarm the DS using the remote control supplied.

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