What is DCS

What is DementiaSafe?

DementiaSafe (DS) is a non-intrusive support solution for people living with Dementia.  Utilising market leading technology the DS guides and monitors users at night offering increased independence combined with personal safety.

Darkness and silence are important cues for sleep.  The DS allows lights to be switched off and doors closed, encouraging a good night sleep. But safety is our key concern and so the DS incorporates automatic light guidance should the user choose to leave their bed and this immediately illuminates the room.  The DS then triggers the appropriate alert if the user does not return within their profile time.

The DS has five ‘profiles’ which allow for a range of users.  The profiles are based on timings from the point of which the user leaves their bed and monitors to the point that the user returns to bed;  the ranges are 0 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10, minutes, and 20 minutes.

For example:

A 10 minute profile is selected for a user.  The user could then leave their bed with automatic light guidance and provide they return to their bed within 10 minutes, no alert call is made.  The light turns off 10 seconds after returning to bed.  Should the user not return to bed within 10 minutes an alert call would be initiated to the appropriate carer and the light would remain illuminated until the carer was in attendance.

When profile 0 is selected, an alert call is triggered as soon as the user exits the bed and the automatic lighting stays illuminated until the carer attends the bedroom.

Please see a full demonstration of an implementation of the DS in the video section of this website.


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