How does DCS work

How does the DementiaSafe work?

The DementiaSafe (DS) unit is installed 1.8 meters above floor level and central to the bed to be monitored.

By using the simple set up guide (described and demonstrated in our Brochures and Videos sections) the DS uses its intelligence monitoring capability to create an ‘exception field’ around the area of the bed.  This field enables the user to move freely when in bed reducing false calls.  Only when the user moves outside of the exception field does the DS become active i.e. when the user starts to leave the bed.

As soon as the DS unit is active the integral guidance light illuminates and the timing commences.  The intelligent monitoring detector will only re-set the system when the Resident returns to bed within the selected time period.

Using the remote control that is supplied with the DS, carers select the appropriate time setting i.e. 0mins, 3mins, 5mins, 10mins or 20mins as the return to bed time.

If the user does not return to bed within the selected time frame the DS goes in to ‘alert mode’ and depending on the environment where the unit is installed, it will activate one of the following:-

  • Care Home / Nursing Home – The associated nursecall point using the external link cable supplied with the DS.

  • Independent Living – The universal telecare sensor associated with the telecare device in use.

  • Domestic – The portable, audible notification sounder provided with the DS.

Please note that a carer must be present to activate the DS once the Resident is in bed, to re-set after an alert call and to disarm the unit when it is no longer required i.e. in the morning.

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